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Logan Draper

Carry The Water Podcast: Plunge the Toilets Before you Lead a Team

By Logan Draper August 18, 2017

Logan, our digital marketing director, sits down with the good dudes of the Carry the Water podcast..

3 Easy Ways To Provide Better Customer Service Online

By Logan Draper April 14, 2017

On our journey to grow our clients digital footprint, we've learned a lot about how to target the..

HubSpot to Release Messages: Chat with Prospects in Real Time

By Logan Draper April 6, 2017

When we first put a chat box on our website, we laughed and thought, "no one will ever use this."..

Snapchat vs Instagram vs Facebook - The Battle For Your Attention

By Logan Draper April 4, 2017

At the end of the day, we are all fighting for the attention of our specific audience. You can buy..

Is Email Marketing Dead? Depends...

By Logan Draper February 22, 2017

I recently reached out on Facebook/Twitter to see how people felt about getting emails from..

Growth-Driven Design: The Change In How Websites Should Be Built

By Logan Draper February 6, 2017

Over the last few years I have been a part of numerous website projects. Some went well, and some..

How to Set Your Marketing Goals

By Logan Draper November 14, 2016

We all want to grow and reach new people, but how? Most people start with the platform or method..

DesignWorks Wins HubSpot's 2016 Rookie of the Year Award

By Logan Draper November 9, 2016

HubSpot has offically announced that DesignWorks Group has won the North American Rookie of..


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