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Growth-Driven Design: The Change In How Websites Should Be Built

Over the last few years I have been a part of numerous website projects.  Some went well, and some fell apart at the seams, but no matter the project, one thing was always the same: it took a lot of time, money, and sleepless nights.  I was always frustrated at why this kept happening.  Why does designing a website have to be such a complex process that never quite results in the end product we had wished for.  On our journey to find out how to make this broken process better, we realized we had been looking at the website design process wrong the whole time.  Why invest the big bucks up front and guess at what you think your visitors want when you can let them tell you themselves?  This new process is called Growth-Driven Design, and it turns your website into a data-driven, lead-generation machine.  




Stop Bulk Spending

It always seems that websites are either really expensive upfront or cheap and you get what you pay for.  After spending all of that money, your site stays the same for the next few years while the internet changes daily. Why not save spending all of the money upfront and spread those costs out over time to pay for updates and upgrades that make your website agile and effective?


Data Driven Decisions

Every website needs clear goals. What do you want to accomplish with the website? What value are you providing to the visitor?  Every website needs a road map, but it's difficult to really know what the right path to take is until your able to see what's working. Your website should be collecting data on what's working and what's not and this information is crucial in making decisions on how to provide a better experience for your visitors.   


Generate Actual Website Leads 

The whole point of having a website is to provide value to your current customers and reach new ones.  Most people have never seen a single lead from their website, so they give up and don't believe that it works.  Your website is your digital storefront to the internet.  People stop by everyday to see what you have, and if they are confused, or it's too much work to find out what they need, they walk and move on to the next place.  I won't go too deep into some of the best practices, but I recommend you download this free ebook.


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 I bet the thought of redesigning your website gives you massive anxiety, and it probably should if you do it the same way you did it last time.  Growth Driven Design is a new way to look at an old problem.  It turns your website from a hassle to one of your best salesman.  



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