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Is Email Marketing Dead? Depends...



I recently reached out on Facebook/Twitter to see how people felt about getting emails from businesses. The response was overwhelming and exactly what I expected.  Just like any other piece of content, it was welcomed if it provided value.  We've all woken up on a Monday morning to hundreds of "spam" emails trying to sell us something.  If that's your definition of email marketing, then yes, email marketing is completely dead. With email providers like Gmail, which filter through the mess of your inbox, your digital direct mail piece will never survive the journey to its sender.  The days of buying lists and sending out mass blasts are over (PLEASE), but people still want value.  



1. If they don't ask, don't send.

If your list is bought and you're spamming your prospects, then not only are you wasting your time, but you're turning-off your prospects.  The importance of reaching out to the people who want to hear from you is vital.


Social media can play a big role in building a good quality list.  Offer free downloads and coupons, and drive people to your website.  If your website isn't set up to capture leads, read this blog.



2. Get specific!

This mindset shift has been a game changer for us because even if your subscribers want to receive content from you, do they want to know about everything you do?  The deeper you can dive down into your list and segment it out by possible interests, the more specific your emails can be.


For example: if you own a catering business, you don't want to send wedding information to people interested in catering a business lunch. Narrow your lists down and talk directly to who needs to hear what you have!  




3. Provide Value, Don't Push Products

That phone  that your prospect is receiving your spam email on is the same one they use for entertainment all day.  The goal isn't to yell at everyone about what you do and how awesome you are, but to have the right conversations with the right people about what they are looking for.  Send people valuable offers. If you send interesting or valued offers ( downloads, discounts or educational content), they are not only more likely to consume your content, but they'll be more willing to share it with their friends too.



The death of email marketing depends completely on how you choose to use it.  It can be an amazingly powerful tool that helps turn prospects into customers and nurture new quality leads for your business.  My vote, invest the time in creating value for the people who want it.  Don't focus on quantity, but quality for the right few.



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