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Jared Vann

How Human Behavior Affects Leadership (And 2 More Podcasts)

By Jared Vann September 29, 2017

We've had another busy week! We participated in Midwestern State University's Social Media Day,..

Weekly Tip: For Better Results, Use Promoted Posts Over Boosted Posts

By Jared Vann September 29, 2017

Everyone wants good results on their Facebook posts. A lot of times, boosting posts is utilized in..

Weekly Recap: Four New Podcasts to Help Your Business Grow

By Jared Vann September 22, 2017

We started the Modern Mad Men podcast in order to share our thoughts, opinions, and experiences of..

Weekly Tip: Use Google Search Console to Improve Your Search Results

By Jared Vann September 22, 2017

Showing up on the first page of Google is crucial. There's a lot of ways you can help your chances..

21 Ways to Help Your Small Business Grow

By Jared Vann September 15, 2017

Last night, the Cleveland Indians set a new American League record for consecutive games won by..

Weekly Tip: How to Publish a Podcast to iTunes, Google Play, and More

By Jared Vann September 15, 2017

Podcasting can be a valuable thing. Not only does it give you another format to share your..

Starving for Content Ideas? These 3 Tools Will Fill You Up

By Jared Vann September 8, 2017

Content creation can be a difficult task, yet it's one of the most important aspects of successful..

Modern Mad Men Podcast: The Evolution of Marketing with Craig Draper

By Jared Vann September 1, 2017

We kick off Modern Madmen by talking to someone who has been in the marketing world for over 35..


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