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How Human Behavior Affects Leadership (And 2 More Podcasts)

We've had another busy week! We participated in Midwestern State University's Social Media Day, where Logan gave a keynote speech and was a panelist on the social media round table. We recorded three more podcasts, including a live one! And we engineered a way to make our podcast more streamlined.

Oh yeah, and those were just the extracurricular activities we did on top of the numerous other marketing endeavors we do on a daily basis.

It seemed like our theme for this week was do, the action verb that's synonymous with create, so you'll hear us talk a lot about putting your thoughts and passions into action by actually publishing content relevant to your ideas.

It can be hard to push that publish button, but push it. Do it.

Here's what we have for you this week:

How Human Behavior Affects Leadership

Ronnie Whitfield is the founding and lead pastor of Onelife Community Church. Onelife was started by Ronnie and his wife, Ashley, over seven years ago when they began hosting gatherings in their home. Since then, Ronnie and Ashley have used their leadership skills to not only disciple a multitude of people, but to maintain a healthy and growing church.

In this episode, we talk to Ronnie about how he uses human behavior to lead people every single day, the early days of Onelife, and what it's like to be a pastor who enjoys going to bars.



Keynote Talk: Midwestern State University Social Media Day 2017

Logan had the opportunity to be one of the keynote speakers at Midwestern State University's Social Media Day.

During his talk, Logan talks to students about branding, creating content around subjects you're passionate about, and how to use social media to jumpstart your career.

After his talk, the Q&As got a little weird...


Modern Mad Men LIVE! September 28, 2017

We sit down to talk about creating, doing, football, and then we get a little deeper and give our thoughts on #TakeAKnee.



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