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Starving for Content Ideas? These 3 Tools Will Fill You Up

Content creation can be a difficult task, yet it's one of the most important aspects of successful marketing campaigns. Believe me, I know how frustrating it can be to constantly feel like you're inflicted with creativity block. You search and search and search, deep within the depths of your brain, for new ideas, but those depths just seem to be void of anything of sustenance. What do you do? 

Sure, you can find old content and repurpose it, forgoing the creation of new, unique content. That doesn't erase the need for fresh content that supports your campaign, though. As bad of news as that might be, there is some good news too.

The good news is you can utilize free tools to help inspire your content creation. Instead of placing all the pressure on yourself to come up with new content ideas, use these three tools to help get the ideas flowing and then take it from there. 

1. Twitter Lists

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Twitter lists are as simple it gets. You probably already have a Twitter account and you're probably already following people who are relevant to your industry. Instead of having to filter through the tweets from everyone you follow, you can compile a list including only people who tweet about your industry. Viewing a list timeline like this will make it easier to find topics to inspire your content.

2. Feedly (or other RSS aggregators)

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Personally, I like Feedly, but any RSS aggregator will do. An RSS aggregator retrieves new articles from sources you add to it. Setting up an RSS aggregator with sources that are relevant to your industry will enable you to read new articles without having to go to each individual website. This saves time and gives you a quick glance at topics that may be of interest to you. 

3. Zest

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Zest might not be as beneficial to you, but if you're in the marketing industry or you do the marketing for your business, this Chrome extension is a handy tool. While you won't find any industry specific content outside of marketing, you can reference the marketing articles to improve your business's marketing strategies. You'll see a collection of marketing articles that can inspire what type of content you publish.

Content is important. Unfortunately, it can be painstaking at times. These three tools can help with that. Set up these tools and soon enough you'll crush the persistent creativity block.



For even more resources on how to post killer content, check out this tutorial on how to create content that will attract your audience. 


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