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Pandora - the future of radio (advertising) is here!

Pandora_monthly_listeners_1.jpgWith internet radio's explosive growth to almost 124 million online listeners in 2014, it only makes sense to capitalize on this flourishing outlet, especially when Pandora's share of internet radio listening is equal to all other streaming radio properties combined (Source: Edison Research, The Infinite Dial 2014). 


If that's not enough for you, a quick look at Pandora's advertising page reveals some crasy stats: over 80 million listeners every month, over 1 billion data points observed every day, on over 1,700 different connected devices, and installed in 190 different car models (Source: Pandora). 


But it's not always about quantity in advertising. Ther'es also the battle of making sure your ad is actaully heard. Beyond that, making sure your ad is heard by people interested in your business. It seems Pandora has that covered too.


Here are a few qualities of Pandora that make it the lightsaber of radio advertising.


- Uncluttered

With less than four minutes of radio ads per hour, listeners get more music and fewer interruptions so your message truly resonates.


- Guaranteed Delivery

You message is delivered to your target audience in the geographic area only when Pandora knows they are online, interaction and tuned-in


- No Loss

Even when a Pandora listener leaves one of their favorite stations and goes to another station on Pandora, your ad message will follow your target audience.


- Targeted

Pandora will allow us to reach a specific listener based on age, gender, geography, and behavioral targeting (Source: Pandora).


- Everywhere

Pandora listeners tune in from their mobile devices, desktops, smart TVs, and now over 7,000,000 vehicles on the road have Pandora activated in the dash (Source: Pandora).


- Hear & See

Pandora listeners will not only hear your message, but also see your ad. Pandora places banner ads on the screen of the mobile device or desktop while your commercial is playing. If the banner is tapped or clicked on by the listener, that banner can redirect your listener to the landing page created for you ad campaign.


- Placement

Pandora allows for placement by zip code, counties, and specific markets using Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA).


Is Pandora perfect for everybody? No - only the Sith deal in absolutes. But if radio advertising is on your radar, then Pandora should be in yoru sights. 



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