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The 10 Best Mobile Apps for Graphic Design & Marketing



With the ever-evolving landscape of mobile marketing, there's a fairly new need to be able to create professional-looking graphics on the go. That means our stubby fingers, often times, become the tools to enact the changes to our designs. That also means we are, often times, editing images on screens that are 5.5 inches or less. Stubby fingers and small screens: not exactly the best starting point to be able to create graphics that you actually want people to see. But take heart, there are certain apps that can get the job done, stubbiness of fingers and size of screens nothwithstanding. 


The following mobile apps are the best available for those times when you need to create a graphic in an instant:



over mobile graphic design


Over, as its name implies, allows you to simply and quickly apply text over an image. It doesn't offer too many tools like some of the other apps do, but it's a good app for people who merely want to add text to an image in order to make a message more appealing for their audience. For a quick, basic graphic, Over is a great choice. 


piclab mobile graphic design


PicLab offers a little bit more than Over. Along with the ability to add typography to photos, PicLab will also allow you add artwork, filters, effects, shapes, light effects, borders, patterns, and more. 


vsco mobile graphic design


VSCO allows you to apply filters to photos. Sounds underwhelming, right? Unlike many photo-editing apps that offer filters, VSCO offers professional filters that emulate classic and modern analog films. With these filters you can easily create the correct mood for your graphic that will match the message that you're trying to get across.


snapseed mobile graphic design


With Snapseed you can manually edit images as well as apply pre-made filters. One useful tool included with Snapseed is the ability to manually edit specific areas of one photo. 


mextures mobile graphic design


Warning, the more advanced features of Mextures might take a little bit of time to learn, but when you do, you can do some cool things with them. Mextures is great for applying film grain, textures, light leaks, and gradients to images in just seconds. The coolest feature of Mextures, although it's the one that will take some time to learn, is the ability to add layers to your images. 


touchretouch mobile graphic design


TouchRetouch is simple, yet extremely useful. The app will allow you to completely remove unwanted objects from your image. All you do is mark the object you want taken out with your finger, press "go," and then the app will remove the object and cover the space with pixels from the surrounding area of the image.


afterfocus mobile graphic design


With AfterFocus you can create DSLR-style backgrounds on your images. Wanting a blurred background so the foreground of your image is more pronounced? AfterFocus is the app to get.

Path On

path on mobile graphic design


Path On lets you place text wherever you want and in whichever fashion you want. Simply draw a line with your finger and your text will appear along the line.

Font Candy

font candy mobile graphic design


Font Candy allows you to mask your photos with captions or overlay your images with text. The fonts included in the app are great for making your marketing designs stand out.


fuzel mobile graphic design


Fuzel is an app for creating photo collages, only it's on steroids compared to other similar apps. There are no restrictions within the app as to how many photos you can include in a collage and the app includes hundreds of templates to choose from.


These 10 apps will set you well on your way toward bolstering your graphic design and marketing even while you're on the go. It may be best to use several of the apps together for a single graphic in order for your final outcome to be exactly how you want it. Download them, play around with them, and before long you'll be a master at mobile graphic design. 


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