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How Much Time Should You Invest in Social?

By Jared Vann January 26, 2018

The marketing evolution has happened. As business owners, it's imperative that you learn how to use..

What You Need to Know About the New Instagram Algorithm

By Jared Vann January 19, 2018

Instagram made some big updates to their algorithm that could affect the visibility and..

How to Customize Assets for Different Placements Within One Facebook Ad

By Jared Vann January 12, 2018

Placements across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network have different image and video..

How to Use Instagram Story Highlights To Showcase Your Business

By Jared Vann January 5, 2018

Instagram released a big new feature last month that could be useful for your business. If you're..

These 5 Custom Audiences Will Take the Guessing Out of Your Targeting

By Jared Vann December 29, 2017

Growing your business through digital marketing relies, in large part, on targeting the correct..

Weekly Tip: How to Create Custom Audiences to Find New Business

By Jared Vann December 29, 2017

Targeting the correct demographic is one of the most important aspects of successful digital..

Why Millennials Are Important to Your Business and How to Engage Them

By Jared Vann December 22, 2017

Millennials. That term probably brings a lot of things to mind: entitled, hip, tech addicted,..

Weekly Tip: How to Create In-Stream Video Ads on Facebook

By Jared Vann December 22, 2017

You've probably noticed the video ads on Facebook that run in the middle of a video you're..

Weekly Tip: How to Use M.Me Links to Get More Facebook Messages

By Jared Vann December 15, 2017

Everyone wants more people to contact them, and one of the easiest ways for customers to contact..


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