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6 Tips on How to Create Calls-to-Action People Want to Click

Calls-to-action are the vessel that drive people to your offers. If your CTAs aren't capturing people's attention, they won't be enticed to click on them. Therefore, it renders the offer on the other side of your CTA useless. CTAs can be placed in various places that you're marketing your offer – landing pages, product pages, display ads, email, social media, etc. – but, not all CTAs are created equal. If your CTAs aren't catching the attention of prospects, it's likely that those prospects will choose your competitor's offer over your offer. In order to avoid that, we're providing you six tips on how to create CTAs people want to click.

1. Put your CTA where the eye can see.

CTAs do best above the fold, the space where your website is viewable to the user without having to scroll.

call-to-action-people-want-to-clickAccording to heat map analysis, anything below the fold will be viewed by only 50% of the people who visit your website. That means placing your CTA above the fold can double your impressions, which, in turn, can noticeably increase the number of leads you're generating.

2. Be clear and specific.

A lot of times, we, as marketers, like to place an emphasis on being clever rather than being clear. Don't do this with your CTA. Get to the point. Let people know exactly what they're getting if they click on your CTA. The lack of specificity with generic "download now" or "learn more" CTAs lend themselves to ambiguities within the prospect's mind. If prospects know exactly what they're going to get, they're going to be much more likely to reward you with a click. Don't make prospects infer what they're getting, that's a quick way to get eyeballs to fly by your CTA.


3. Make CTAs stand out.

A CTA is most effective when it stands out from the rest of the page. When a CTA blends in with your site design, it's going to be harder for people to notice it. Use contrast to set it apart and ensure that your design makes it clear that it's clickable. See the picture below for what not to do:


That's hard to see, right? Refrain from making your CTA blend in like the one above.

4. Link your CTA to a dedicated landing page.

I know I know, this seems obvious; but, I've seen businesses miss the opportunity to send prospects to a relevant landing page, which contains an offer, in favor of sending them to their homepage. If you're going to use a CTA, make sure to send people to a page that can convert them.


5. Promote offers on product pages.

If your company provides products or services, you might want to create a different offer and corresponding CTA for each of them. After you do this, you can place the appropriate CTA on the related product or service page.


6. Place CTA on thank you page.

Utilize your thank you pages to offer people additional resources after they have completed a form to claim an offer. 


In order to generate leads, you need effective calls-to-action. If you aren't getting many clicks on your current CTAs, these six tips are a great place to start. Good luck!



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