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The One Google Tool You Probably Aren't Using, But Should

Google offers a bevy of tools to help your business grow. Google My Business (formerly Google Places), Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and Google Alerts are just a few that you're probably familiar with, but there's a fairly new feature that can put your business over the top. 

Formerly known as candidate cards because they were only available for presidential candidates to use, Google Posts are now available for businesses to use.

You've probably seen these before. Try Googling one of you favorite restaurants and inspect their Google listing. You should see some basic information about them: location, hours of operation, type of food, photos, etc. If they are using Google Posts, you'll also notice something on their listing that looks similar to a social media post. If you didn't have any luck locating this with your restaurant search, here's what it looks like:


Notice the blog post, 7 Irresistible Content Offer Elements that Attract Online Sales Leads. That's the Google Post. Also, notice that there is a call to action attached to the post. When you click on "learn more" on our post, it will take you straight to the blog post. 

Now, let's look at the listing in Google Maps:

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 3.25.45 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 3.14.06 PM.png

You can see that the post shows up when you're using Google Maps as well. This can be huge for your business! Let me tell you why.

Imagine you're a restaurant and you have some awesome specials running. If people can see that when they're searching for a restaurant to eat at, they're a lot more likely to choose your restaurant. So, using a Google Post to post your specials is a great way to show people that they should go to your restaurant to take advantage of your half price drinks, or whatever it may be.

Now, imagine you're a restaurant and out-of-towners, who aren't familiar with the city your located in, are using Google Maps to search for somewhere to eat. Guess what, your Google Post advertising your amazing food deals will be right there for them to see. Again, they're going to be more likely to choose your restaurant.

Another great use for Google Posts is for featuring products. Say you're a retail store and you want to sell a lot of a certain product during a given time, Google Posts are great for this!

One other great way to use this feature is to make your post an event. If you have a seminar coming up or any type of event that you're attempting to get people to come to, making a Google Post event is an effective way to get the word out.

Utilizing this tool that Google offers is simple, yet effective. People are constantly searching for things on Google. If you can provide them more information that's relevant to them, they're going to be more willing to bite.

To learn how to start using Google Posts, check out this quick tutorial.



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