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Remember This When You're Creating Content

If you're constantly frustrated because your content isn't netting the results you're looking for, you're not alone. Creating content can be a maddening tasks. Stack poor results on top of that existing irritation, and before you know it, you feel defeated. I'm not talking about that self-pity type of defeated either; I'm talking about that I-have-an-urge-to-punch-my-computer type of defeated. That's not a good place to be. There is, however, an asset that can propel your content to the next level; you just have to remember to use it when planning your content.

In this short podcast clip, we discuss one of the most valuable assets you have for content. It's not a profound idea, but it's at the core of being a human.

Listen to the clip below:


Bonus clip: Generations Don't Kill Off Businesses





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