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How to Eclipse Your Business Goals in Three Easy Steps

The much talked about solar eclipse is due to make it's way across the US today. In between trying to get on the DesignWorks office roof to set up a camera to shoot a timelapse of the event, trying to figure out exactly when we'll see it, and determining an appropriate way to view the eclipse without a pair of those cool glasses, Logan somewhat sarcastically suggested that I should write a blog about how to eclipse your competition, or what's getting in the way of your marketing. So, I am.

This has to be brief because I have a solar eclipse to catch, but here are three easy steps to take to eclipse your business goals.

1. Create Goals

We've talked about how your goals inform how and where you market before. So, before you begin marketing, set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. 

Once you have these goals written down, you can move on to strategizing on how you're going to achieve these goals.

2. Create Personas

Personas are a fictional representation of your ideal customer. You can figure out who your personas are by looking through your records, interviewing certain departments, interviewing customers or prospects, and creating forms with fields that capture important persona information. 

Keep track of any trends that you might notice and then compile these trends into a singular persona. Be detailed with personas, including information about their job, home life, pain points, etc. 

3. Create Content

Once you have a few personas, you're marketing is going to be a lot easier. If you are detailed when creating your personas, you can create content that will engage the persona you're creating the content for. Creating generic content and hoping that it speaks to someone isn't as effective as creating content with a particular persona in mind. Write your text in a voice that your persona can relate to and use visuals that will appeal to them as well. 

That's it, quick and simple! These are the structure of your marketing. How you dress it up is up to you. Now, I have a solar eclipse to go watch. 



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