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Four Tips for a Killer Social Media Bio

It seems that the days of making our first impression by sending in our resumes are over as we know it.

When your name comes up in a potential job search, or a client is looking for you… Or after you apply for a gig, or make that connection with a customer – what is the first thing they do?

Almost instantaneously, someone is looking you up on social media. Boom. Instant resume.

Sure, your website matters, and that will probably be the next stop.

But you never get a second chance at a first impression!

The first tip to writing a killer social media bio that separates you from the rest:

Know your audience and know them well. Intuition may tell you to think the more broadly, so you reach the masses. It’s actually the opposite. It’s important to niche down in social media so you build that strong, deep bond with your surrounding audience.

Next? Avoid using your title in your bio in bland form, like this: “Life Coach”.

Instead, use a full sentence with an action verb, like this: “I’m a life coach working with young entrepreneurs to help them fulfill their vision.” So much clearer, right?

Here’s another tip: Pretend for a moment you’re switching places with your ideal client. What words would reel you in? What phrase would sell it for you?

“I help moms understand the work-life balance better.”

“I serve athletes looking for optimal nutrition.”
“I work with small businesses looking for a stronger social media presence.”

This targeted approach is more likely to get your ideal client immediately tuned in and primed to reach out.

Last tip for now: give an option for action.

Something like, “Freebies below” or “My full story is on my website” gives your audience or client the ability to go deeper. Utilize that link in your bio for promoting a specific post you want traffic on, or a landing page for signups or subscriptions, or my personal favorite – freebies.

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Dig deep and gain clarity on your purpose and let that translate in your bio!



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