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Weekly Drinks & Thinks - May 26, 2017

Every week, a majority of the DesignWorks digital team gets together on Friday morning to talk about news they found important or interesting that week, tips & tricks we think can be helpful to clients and prospects, a couple jokes, and enjoy a cup of whatever feels right for a Friday morning. We can linger on certain topics for a while, so "Drinks & Thinks" is a boiled down version for you to enjoy.

Weekly Theme:

Where are you getting your inspiration for digital marketing? It's easy to get stuck, banging your head against the wall, trying to come up with new and inventive ways to promote your presence. Sometimes, looking at others in your industry can breathe new life into what you're posting and reveal some overall trends you need to be following. Even better, look at industries tangential to your own and see what's doing well. Can successful themes be reinvented into something impactful for your industry/business?

It's important to clarify what I'm not saying. What I'm not saying is to go find a page you like, copy everything but replace it with your own branding, and then launch a copy-cat campaign.

What I am saying is stay inspired. You either have to dig deeper or search farther to find more people to follow your brand. Either way, find new and better ways to do so. Pretty soon, it'll be your page others are looking to for inspiration.

To-Do: Every week, find 1-3 new pages/streams/threads to follow on social media that you find interesting for different reasons. They should make you laugh, think, analyze, etc. They should also represent different points of view, such as; influencers, companies, parody accounts, celebrities, etc. 


What's up with the team:


drinking: Green Mountain Coffee - Vanilla Caramel Cream

interesting article:  Google Builds Artificial Intelligence Inception, While Alexa Owns Smart Homes, and More News in AI This Week - from G2 Crowd

3 favorite follows: 

Whataburger on Instagram

Chef Jet Tila on Facebook

r/coolguides on reddit



drinking: Southern Pecan Coffee from United Market Street

article: David Leavitt’s Tweets About Manchester Leave a Bad Taste from The New York Times

3 favorite follows: 

 - Chrissy Teigen on Twitter

The Onion on Twitter

lifeofscout_ on Instagram



drinking: Southern Pecan Coffee from United Market Street

article: Facebook teams with The Trevor Project to help prevent LGBTQ youth suicides from Mashable

3 favorite follows: 

Ellen on Facebook (on everything, actually)

Peg Fitzpatrick on Twitter

charity: water on Instagram



drinking: Southern Pecan Coffee from United Market Street

article: Snapchat’s New Custom-Stories Feature Seems … Good from select/all

3 favorite social follows:  

nusr_et ("Salt Bae") on Instagram

thedoodlemaple on Instagram

photobugcommunity on Instagram



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