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Weekly Drinks & Thinks - April 28, 2017

Every week, a majority of the DesignWorks digital team gets together on Friday morning to talk about news they found important or interesting that week, tips & tricks we think can be helpful to clients and prospects, a couple jokes, and enjoy a cup of whatever feels right for a Friday morning. We can linger on certain topics for a while, so "Drinks & Thinks" is a boiled down version for you to enjoy.


Weekly things to check on:

- Take advantage of your viral content! You can invite people who have like content from your page to like your page. Figure out how from We Are Social Media

- Make sure your Facebook Page is verified! This helps create trust when users are searching for and interacting with your brand. Learn to to verify your page from this Facebook Help Center article.


What's up with the team:


**If you're a Red Raider fan, as I am, then yesterday was a big day with Patrick Mahomes II going in the first round of the NFL Draft to the KC Chiefs. So I'll let the rest of the DesignWorks Digital Team share their favorite marketing moments this week, while I share some love for Mahomes. Wreck Em!

drinking: Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend (out of my TTU coffee cup)

article:  Chiefs made one of boldest draft moves in decades from ESPN

favorite social post of the week: 




drinking: Office Coffee (made by Taylor)

article: Poll: Most teens have taken social media break from USA Today

favorite social post of the week:




drinking: water

article: Instagram is closer than ever to a billion users from Mashable

favorite social post of the week:





drinking: water

article: The Tories Are Gearing Up To Hit Voters With Targeted Facebook Adverts from BuzzFeed News

favorite social post of the week:


He just wants to be included! 😂 #dogsofig #doglovers #dogslife (📹: @jukinmedia)

A post shared by The Dodo (@thedodo) on




drinking: absent :(

article: How User-Generated Content Can Boost the Performance of Your Facebook Ads from Social Media Today 



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