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6 Ways To Be More Productive At Work



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Staying productive at work can be a bit of a task with all of these distractions nowadays! Technology is awesome...maybe a little too awesome sometimes! We have created a list of six ways you can stay on task at work and accomplish all that you set out to do! Being productive at work is more than just getting your work done, it helps from blending your work and home life. When you don't finish something at work you tend to take that daunting task home with you and it keeps you up at night. Let us help you fix that!




Make a List

First thing to do in the morning when you get to work is to make a to-do list, jot everything down that is significant for that day. 

Batch Process

Now you can batch all your tasks accordingly and assign them to specific times of the day. Batching your smaller tasks to tackle at the same time saves you time from switching from the larger ones to the smaller ones. 

Productive Time

Think about when you are most productive throughout the day. Is 3 o'clock coffee break your afternoon pick me up? Choose that time to tackle a larger task! 




In this tech focused world it is essential to keep an organized digital life. having a clean screen and work area increases productivity. An easy way to get your screen organized is to download a helpful app. The Hazel app for Mac users is essential for staying organized and Belvedere is similar for the Windows user. To maintain a clean work space, include it as one of your last to-do's so you come in to a clean desk every morning. 




Prioritizing tasks that are in your to-do list is a must! Prioritizing ensures that you will get the things done that are of utmost importance. Prioritizing outside of work is also a good habit for achieving goals and balancing your life. If fitness is a big goal of yours outside of work along with family, you have to prioritize and comprimise. In that case you may decide to sacrifice some extra sleep and wake up early to work out so you can spend your evenings with your family. 




Productivity can be interrupted by an unhealthy lifestyle. Being constantly hungry or snacking can really cut into work time and create a messy space. Lifestyle habits are essential to productivity. By making certain changes to your lifestyle, you can become more alert and focused.

Exercise is a huge brain booster according to studies! If possible, try and fit some exercise time into your lunch break, as this appears to be the ideal time for you body's circadian rhythms.

A healthy diet is also helpful to maintain productivity throughout the day. By ensuring that you give your body the nutrients you need can make sure that you have the enerdy you need to keep your productivity levels up throughout the day.  Some brainpowering foods are: 

  • Fish
  • Blueberries
  • Avocado
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Whole Grains




Feeling overwhelmed with that daunting task we talked about in the beginning? Take some time to really simplify! Look at that list and see if you can simplify some of those tasks or erase them all together if they are not neccessary. This simplify method is also a good lifestyle habit to include in your day to day life. 




This may seem a bit counterproductive, but it's important that you include short breaks into your routine! Take a few minutes away from mental tasks to go recharge. Depending on the type of person you are, determine what type of breaks are best for you. If you are a creative mind, take a break to doodle, but set a timer. If you are a reader, take a break to read. If you are an active one, take a brief walk. If you tend to get anxious or stressed, take some time to do some stretches and breathing practices at work. 


Here is a bonus infographic with lots of useful tools and hacks to be more productive at work and home! 



Get to Work! 


Now that we've given you all the tools to stay productive, give them a go! Getting things done at work can bring you lots of gratification! These lifestyle habits can carry over into the home and make your home life much more productive as well! 





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